Friday, July 13, 2012

Chaos Cup Fever!

So the Chaos Cup is coming right up, and I am getting super-excited to attend my first ever Blood Bowl tournament.

Of course money's a little tight right now, so we'll see about fielding that perfect High Elf team... and there's no good way to get from Chicago to Palatine in time for the first round every morning. But these are all quibbles, and for now I am pretending with all my heart that I am definitely going to Chaos Cup. After all, I have until August 31st to preregister.

Since I'm still pretty new to the game, I've decided to put in some serious training in preparation for the tournament. To this end, I have decided that from now until the opening of the Chaos Cup on September 15th, I will be playing at least 3 games of Bloodbowl a week on FUMBBL, and posting the results here.

My Team:

 Gorefindle's Gutters

1GorefindleThrower6348Pass, Safe Throw, Dodge, Strong Arm 81010011890k (90+50k) 
2Kill-GaladBlitzer7348Block, Dodge 80103114100k (100+20k) 
3Fellrond Half-ClovenBlitzer8338Block, +MA-ag70101110100k (100+30k) 
4ShmegolasLineman6347Wrestle-av701001870k (70+20k) 
5Smellendil IILineman6348Block 400011770k (70+20k) 
6TearendilLineman6347 -av700000070k (70+0k) 
7ArsilLineman6348  800000070k (70+0k) 
8EnsnarionCatcher8347Catch 201000390k (90+0k) 
9GabadrielLineman6348  700001570k (70+0k) 
10Scarowen EvenscarLineman6348  800020470k (70+0k) 
11Elderdeath KinslayerLineman6348Block 8010021370k (70+20k) 
12EnglarionCatcher8347Catch 000000090k (90+0k) 
Team Name:Gorefindle's Gutters Re-Rolls (100k):3  
Race:High Elf Fan Factor:3  
Team Value:1350k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:0 Cheerleaders:0  
Coach:Dieselhorst Apothecary:Yes  
Tournament Weight:1350k Team Wizard:No  

Game 1:

My first game was against a Khemri team, They Die! Now, before playing this game, I had only played 7 games with my elves, and my record wasn't good-- 1/1/5 in fact. But I was determined to take the result, whatever it was, and learn from it.

First Half:

I chose to receive the ball in the first half, since I feared having to defend against four mummies for the whole half. This plan looked good at first. I managed to sneak a catcher, blitzer and lineman around his defense in the early turns, and nailed a pass deep into the Khemri zone. Not deep enough though, and my catcher was left unsupported against one throw-ra who managed a one-dice blitz on two GFIs to knock my catcher down and take the ball. All was not lost, though, as I still had a blitzer deep. However, in the next turn I jumped the gun and immediately blitzed the ball carrier and foolishly re-rolled the push result, getting instead.............................................

A defender down. With that turn lost, it wasn't hard for the skellies to waltz in and score.

I did manage to equalize with a quick sprint down the side-line in the last two turns of the half-- but it was a close thing. My ball carrier was once again open to a last-second blitz, only this time it went my way.

Second Half:

 This was where I was nervous. Now I had to kick off and try and prevent the Khemri team from caging up and holding on to the ball for the whole half. We each had one player out, so no advantage there. I was sweating-- probably because I was kicking myself so hard over the blunder with my blitzer and how many players I had left lying on their faces who were then not there to defend the previous Khemri point.

Then a stroke of luck-- I got a Blitz result on the Kick-off table! I was able to shoot a catcher, a blitzer and several lineman right into his half, immediately pressuring the ball. After a little scuffling, I came out with it and managed to stall until turn six before scoring the game winning point! It was a long shot for my opponent to score in the last two turns, and when I got another Blitz result, his fate was pretty much sealed. Back to the vaults with ye!

Learning Points:

 Mostly, stick to the basics. In the first half I ignored some of the most basic principles of beginner play-- namely stand your players up first. Even when I think it would be better to leave them down until after a high-risk play then dodge them away down field, it is much sounder coaching to stand them up in case of the worst. My playing in the first half was sloppy and desperate, and as a result my opponent had the entire field to work with when he got the ball.

I am excited, though, as it is only my second win with High Elves, and the proceeds let me hire another catcher (which I am really starting to value). I also got to skill up two linemen with block, one with wrestle, and one of my blitzers with MA+. And now that my team is finally up to 12 players, I can start retiring some of my injuries. We'll see what that does for me next time.

Until then,

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