Friday, December 26, 2014

DIY Display Board Pt. I

Sometime this past summer, I finally got around to making a magnetic display board.

The base is a pineboard plaque from Michael's. These things are cheap, ubiquitous, and perfect if, like me, you don't want to bother cutting recesses in the display board for your model's bases.

I used washers to mark out where I wanted the bases of my figures to land, then, using masking tape to mark the proper depth on a drill bit, I drilled holes for magnets. The magnets I have are pretty small, so I need to have two per base to hold metal figures. Amateur tip: bigger magnets would only require one per base, and would be easier to get flush with the surface of the board.

I added sand for texture, then primed the sucker...

...then threw it in a box and forgot about it until now.

Maybe you'll get to see the finished version sometime soon. In the meantime, why not start a comment, then throw it into the box below only to forget about it? Eh?


  1. Looking good, hopefully you'll find the time to finish it sometime soon!