Monday, April 6, 2015

Liche Knight

Sorry for the stillness around here over the last week. Been quite ill to the stomach in a way that I had naively assumed I might never have to deal with again ('oooh, look at that 26 y/o male, thinking he's invincible, yeah, yeah).

Here's one of the figures I bought from Megaminis ages ago but took forever to get around to painting—mostly because it didn't take my dry-brushing very well. While there's a decent amount of detail for the dry-brush to catch, all of it is more or less the same granularity. This made the dry-brushed highlights glaringly obvious, and the thought of having to go over all of it with layering bored me too much to do a proper job. As a result, some of the highlighting is a bit sloppy:

I did, however, like the pitted, corroded metal effect the dry-brushing gave to the helmet and the sword . Quite suitable to the creaking, somehow stolid menace that, for me, this sculpt exudes, and which drew me to buy it in the first place.

I also originally purchased it on the strength of the massive, face-sculpted shield the figure was supposed to come with, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, it wasn't included. Since none of my spare cavalry shields looked quite imposing enough, and all looked decidedly too (GW) Elfish, I had to make do with a scratch-built and free-handed job. I went for a kind of bright contrast to the rest of the figure, shifting the palette to warmer reds and yellows to suggest the spirit animating this dead cavalier and his zombified horse—the angry, seismic spirit belied by the implacable stillness of the horse, the statuesque pose of the rider. (I suppose the arms of the skeletal dead don't get tired the way living arms do; they could stand with sword upraised, unmoving, for days. What an intimidating sight that would be for a living spear-carrier.)

I'd be interested to know your thoughts. Animate them, encase them in rusting, clanking armor, and bid them stand fast on the unknowable horizon of the comments box below.

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