Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Following the call for John Blanche minis over at King's Miniatures, the fantasy/miniature gaming bloglomeration has been flooded with awesome zany miniatures and art. Made me blanche to look at them.

This led me, through the typical by-ways of blog browsing, to the fantasy art originals site, where they have collected a number of his original illustrations from various publications...

...and they're #$%^&ing awesome!

Seriously, some of the most inspiring artwork that I've seen in a long time. I've been fed up with drawing for a while now, but I think thanks to Mr. Blanche, I have a whole new direction to explore.

So to jump on the Blanche-wagon, here are my favorite illustrations from that website. I highly encourage everyone to check them out.

TOP 6 John Blanche Illustrations (The Absolute Must-Haves):

Untitled 08
The Sea People
Untitled 14
The Scoam
Untitled 22
The Downfall of Numenor

TOP 10 (I.E. four more that are Definitely Should-Haves):

The Phaeton
Land of the Marble Halls
The Dance of the Witches
Untitled 21

Number 22 is my absolute favorite. I think. His Battle of Five Armies is also great, though it didn't quite make this list (the Numenor one is better.) Oh, but they're all amazing! Those Reds! Those Blues!

I went ahead and emailed the people who run fantasy art originals, and they said that prints may be available soon! I can just picture a small collection of them hanging above my desk in all of their intricate glory, inspiring me to new heights where people wear conical hats and ride flying fish between fiery tottering wire constructs that sway freakishly in the upper atmosphere!

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