Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Game On!

Welcome, one and all, to Amateur Hour! If your idea of fun is to read about an average guy trying to do a bunch of things he knows virtually nothing about—then failing, experimenting, trying again, failing again, and finally posting the whole embarrassing affair to the internet—then boy are you in the right place. 

This whole idea came about when I decided to get back into miniature gaming. I used to play a little bit of Warhammer 40k but I eventually abandoned the hobby as too expensive. However, I recently rediscovered the classic game of Bloodbowl, which can be obtained for free or next to free. After reading through the LRB 6 (The player-maintained living rulebook) the deep desire to collect, paint, and play with little plastic men was reawakened deep in the nerdimost chambers of my being.

Unfortunately, since I still had school to finish at the time, I could not leap straight back into my old obsessions. In the interim I had to limit myself to ogling the many excellent miniature modeling and gaming blogs out there which I cannot hope to rival in quality (for a small selection of these, see the right side bar.) In this way, I discovered the preponderance today of not only Blood Bowl, but a whole slew of other vintage and independent games (especially Skulldred by Delaney King over on King’s Miniatures. Check out that stuff.)

That was when I realized it. I must try them all.

And then that was when I realized another it. I’m poor.

And that was when I realized a third it. I wanted to try to do it as DIY as possible. This would allow for maximum creativity and minimum expenditure.

And that was not really a realization at all. I have always loved doing and making things for myself. My girlfriend makes fun of me constantly for it. I already make my own beer and my own bread, my own fiction, and my own artwork. I plan to start making my own yogurt and cheese, growing my own food, mixing my own cleaning products and building my own furniture; my response to discovering nearly anything I enjoy is to wonder if I can produce it myself.

So I figured, why not put it all in one place? Hence this blog. Of course, I can’t tackle all of this stuff at once. It will probably be mostly miniature gaming and modeling, with the odd beer post every once in a while. At least until I become obsessed with something else.

Sound good? Good.

So to begin in the next installment: My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch.


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