Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hardcore Foamcore: Pillars

A quick post on an easy way to make a few characterful terrain "smalls." using left over foamcore. After cutting all the template pieces for my ruins, I found that I only had a little bit of material left over. Not enough for any real project... but just enough to cut into some rectangles and octagons to make some pillars for cover in skirmish games.
Also, since only one side of the foamcore would be visible, I could use a classic terrain building technique to reinforce the joins:

Simply lift one edge of the foam covering like so...

...And use it as a gluing surface for the interior of the joins. Quite strong when dry.

While the pillar quadrangles were drying, I glued the octagonal bases to some large fender washers for weight.

Finally, I peeled away all of the outside paper and used the same scribing technique as I used in my ruins, roughed them up with a rock for texture, and there you go:

These will be seeing paint soon, along with the ruins. (You can see a sneak peak at the right edge of the above photo.)

DO YOU FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT PILLARS? (Or terrain, or foamcore, or anything? ANYTHING?) If so please comment below.

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