Thursday, May 1, 2014

Krynek, the Bloody Knell

Hide you well within the dale,
or in the muck below the swale,
or scale you down an empty well,
or tread the weald far off the trail.

Still will you hear the Bloody Knell;
Coming so near, the Bloody Knell.


  1. Hi!

    I love the cards you've done for your warbands! Its so much better than just having a scrap of paper and really looks the business. I like the quotes too and may have to steal the idea for my own random projects!

    Ive managed to finish my Liebster award stuff too and thanks for the nomination!

    All the best!

  2. Thanks, Space Cow! I have to admit I'm pretty proud of the cards myself. You're more than welcome to steal the idea! You can even use the card template itself... there's a link to the GIMP file in this post here:

    Feel free to adapt it in any way you see fit!