Monday, June 2, 2014

Stadium Renovation Pt. II

Sorry for the brief, self-imposed media-blackout that was last week for me. The demands of leading a double life as the secret ambassador to an invisible but omnipresent extra-terrestrial eldritch menace means that, necessarily, I occasionally have to cede my hobby time to 'work...'

But I refuse to bore you any further with witterings on office life. If you've been following the REAL adventure, you'll know that I was halfway through showing you how to make your own customized, DIY Blood Bowl pitch out of a whiteboard.

Since last time, I finished painting the end zones and score tracks, as well as the Reserve, K.O., and Dead & Injured boxes. 

I was nervous about this stage at first, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy with a little patience. Just don't load the brush too much, since that can cause the paint to flow unevenly, and keep a clear idea of what you're trying to do, and you'll be fine.

When it comes time to start the lettering, I recommend writing out what you are trying to paint on a piece of paper that you can keep handy while you work. This will help prevent mishaps like forgetting the 'C' in 'Touchdown' and having to go back and make corrections.

Once all of the lines & letters were on, it was time to add the static grass. I found that a nice way to get an even coating of grass was to run it through a fine mesh strainer. Tapping the strainer with my palm caused the grass to sprinkle down in a nice blanket. (The strainer has actually caused me to really refine my static grass method. Hopefully I'll have a new post on that soon.)

Above, you can also see that I added a nice, big, psychadelic eye for a centerfield logo. I'll be the first to admit that it didn't come out very crisp, and that it was perhaps not the strongest thematical choice for the iconography, but something had to go there. For some really stunning examples of this kind of thing, check out Thib-0's range of awesome pitches.

That really puts this sorry effort into perspective...but you have to start somewhere.

And so here's the pitch, all ready for play. Stay tuned next time for the final touch, and what I think really makes this pitch stand out.

Comments are welcom below, but only if you hand-letter them...


  1. Great job! I really like your BB pitch!

  2. Nice work! Hope to face you on it at Chaos Cup.

  3. Hell yeah! I'll see you there. I'll be taking a leaf out of your book and bringing some humans!