Monday, July 21, 2014

Preparing the Dire Men

So I've finally gotten to the point where I can start showing off my new SoBH warband. The figures are all painted, I've made the cards, but, since I am no magic man, this all came together several weeks after the start of the CSW's summer SoBH campaign

...which means I have some WiP shots of my Dire Men (EM-4 miniatures mounted barbarians. Check them out) that I would feel silly posting after the painted versions of the same. So today's post is something of a filler/teaser until I start unveiling my grime-punk masterpieces.

Fulgid Glim and his Dire Men have, however, already participated in a couple of battles, so for the impatient you can check out the figures and their deeds so far here...

...and also here.

Why so many WiP shots, you ask? Well, I had originally planned to make a tutorial on my entire painting process, but as usually happens, the deadline for finishing the band got the better of me/ I got too excited and involved in the actual painting to document it properly.

And so the futility of my endeavours is perpetuated. I pass it on to you in this largely useless post. You can do the same for others by leaving a comment below. The more fatuous, the better.


  1. This is a great warband, excellent painting. I especially like the banner, and also the menhirs in the background.

    1. Thanks again! I have to admit I'm particularly proud of the menhirs (good word). If your interested, you can see how they came together here: