Friday, August 8, 2014


Hiding in the dank and mold
or perched up in the mountain's fold...

I'll find those creatures folk call great
and gladly cut them down a bit. 

Ogres, Pit-toads, Bears, and Wurms,
Sung in songs that make me squirm...

I'll stalk those legends that men fear
and make them curse the name of Greer... 


  1. Great work on this band. I don't think I've asked this before, how do you finish your cards? Print them out yourself, laminate, printing service or something else?

  2. Hi Sean,

    So when I first started doing the cards, I just went to Office Depot and had them printed and laminated. That worked all right, but they didn't really feel like 'real' cards. So lately I've been experimenting with this method:

    It's a good deal more labor intensive, but so far the results have been okay. I just need to tweak my method a little more and I think I'll have it. Maybe at that point I'll post a tutorial.