Monday, August 18, 2014

Thjornig Marrow

When Thjornig Redmane touched his axe
A vision passed before his eyes.

He saw not how, nor when, nor why,
But he knew that he would die

Drowned in a black fen, left to lie
Until the worms crawled out his eyes...

When Thjornig Marrow rides to war,
There comes a sorrow to his eyes
to see his foes, to list' their cries,

For they know not that they will die
where in the mud they're left ot lie.
...Oh how they wish they wouldn't die.


  1. Brilliant! Your blog is such an inspiration!
    After first seeing this new warband I placed an order with Forlorn Hope for Barbarian Horsemen and Shaman (what's the plural of Shaman? Shaman? Shamen? Shamans?)...and then added some Barbarians and mounted Elves last week... I also love the cards you produce for your characters, it'd definitely help some of my players remember their special rules. The verses are very fitting. Many thanks for such an inspiring blog!

  2. ShaMEN, definitely! :D. Cheers Chris, and thanks for the kind words. Always nice when the blog finds a sympathetic reader.

    Let me know if you'd like the GiMP template file I use for the cards.

  3. I'd love the template! I was planning on coming up with my own, but that'd be great :) my email is :) it's always a treat when there's an update from you!