Monday, January 26, 2015

Odell IPA

I've been meaning for a while now to shamelessly rip off Randroid's awesome beer reviews. I find them quite interesting, being as I like beer more than most other beverages, and there are so many beers out there to try. So today I'm going to kick off what I hope will become a regular tribute to the genre with the Odell IPA.

From Odell's website:

"We took the traditional IPA, originally shipped from England to India in the 1700′s, and made it bolder and more flavorful – American Style. We’ve added new varieties of highly aromatic American hops to create a distinctive bitterness profile and an incredible hop character. 7.0%Alc. by Vol     60IBUs"

This beer looks like: a lovely orange gold color with a rocky, thick, white head.

...smells like: the first part of how a melon smells combined centaur-style with the second part of what a freshly opened orange smells like. So smells like a melange of melorange.

...tastes like: bitter citrus peal at first, like a dry, lemony taste. The malt flavor is crisp and clean with a medium body that makes this beer really satisfying. It finishes with a pleasant, mild bitterness. ultimately like: a very balanced beer, especially for an American-style IPA. The hops are very judiciously blended here with bright bitterness and flavor and an enlivening aroma. A little trecherous, though, because the easy-drinking flavor belies the rather stiff 7% ABV. All in all, it's a killer quaff.

Got any favorites of your own? Crack one open and comment below.


  1. If you want to drink some beers and post about the good (and not so good) ones, I won't mind... With so many beers out there, I read all the beer reviews I can. Cheers!