Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slagscape Conservation Collective

A picture-heavy post today showing the progression of my Nuclear Renaissance warband, the Slagscape Conservation Collective. 

My initial idea was that they are some kind of weird anarcho-primitivist cell that is utterly, fanatically devoted to the preservation of the molten, blasted wastelands of their home planet.

...more on that later, probably. Above and below you can see the figures all undershaded in grayscale, in preparation for glazes and inks.

I have to say that I really love this ApeX figure from the Reaper Bones line. So goofy and delightful.

In the background you can see the soupy, orangey inks applied to the bases. That's a soil composition unique to the slagscape. Rust colored. Mildly radioactive. Natural beauty.

Here I'm starting to do the skintones. This is a time-consuming but necessary step since the dry-brushing undercoat method does not make fro realistic skin.

Hard Joe Grubber

Once that's done, though, everything else moves pretty quickly, as a thin glaze or two on each area provides just enough tint to the undercoat to color it, while still retaining all of the highlights. This gives kind of a soft and warm old skool effect that I adore.

Emma Roadburn

Graf Moxxie

Mach Grezza

The above figure from Reaper cost like 7 bucks, but I could not resist. A spec-ops style armadillo man? Brilliant! I didn't like his little microphone much though, so I painted it up as a little cigar. He's pretty hardbitten, for an armadillo.

Lucy Havoc

Janx Moogin

Sprightly Jiles, Stunbrella Duelist

The Brain of Dr. Parcival Blythe, in the labotomized body of a Gorilla
What do you like most about the Slagscape? The pristine floes of molten metal? The hills of lovely and steaming cinder? The geysers of amonia that arc so prettily in the dying sunlight? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. That's a fine looking ape there! A fine looking bunch of wasteoids all around.

    1. Wasteoids! That's the most amazing descriptor I've ever encountered and it fits them perfectly. Tahnk you for that and the other kind words.