Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Great Paintening

I finally put putty to steel the other day and finished attaching a bunch of figures to their fender-washer bases. The putty provides some sticking surface for the figures with snipped slottas, and camouflage for those with integrated bases.

And there they are. Aren't they lovely?

And here are their friends, all lined up on my windowsill. All told, they number 101.

...Hmmm. 101. A mighty number. A leaden brotherhood awaiting in patient meditation the time of the Great Paintening.

Well, my tiny acolytes, the time is nigh. The prophet of pigment has declared it's coming. I'M GOING TO PAINT YOU ALL.

I hope to keep you (the readers, not the miniatures) updated semi-regularly on my progress. Hopefully come the glorious spring I'll have moved lead mountains and, with a be-paintbrushed gesture, called down a plague of painted figs.

(Of course there's still the not insignificant matter of my February painting pledge for CSW. Much work ahead.)

Got any tips for tackling HUGE SWATHES OF LEAD? Leave them below. I'm going to need them.

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