Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mayhem Machine

After playing a couple of games of Nuclear Renaissance with my first post-apoc/scifi vehicle, the Tar Eater, I realized that the Slagscape Conservation Collective had a small hole in their fighting corps... armored-truck-shaped hole.

Fortunately I had this bulky, but rather low-detail, rescue ambulance around (another gift from Karl). The original vehicle was pretty open and pretty obviously out of scale, but with the addition of a lot of plasticard 'plating,' it comes across as an imposing ad-hoc land-fortress.

The rear wheel wells were made from a coke cap that was very cautiously sliced in two. The rest is pretty much all plasticard, variously layered, drilled, bent, and glued until I was satisfied.

The railings and rungs are just bent jumbo paperclips. I made sure that the howdah at the top was big enough for two figures.

The slit in the front blast shield was pretty easy to make once I realized I could drill a hole at either end of the slit to the desired width, and then cut between them with an xacto blade. A handy trick.

By the time I got to the painting, I really couldn't be bothered to put in too much effort. I just used a grungy melange of inks and paints applied haphazardly over the whole gray-scaled model to convey a rusty, all-metal behemoth.

Below is a picture of the Slags getting ready to move out after a day of sightseeing near the Liquid Crystal Cascades in the foothills of Beer Bottle Mountain.

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