Monday, June 15, 2015

The Grub

Has it ever happened to you where you're minding your own business while checking out an unexplored Jovian moon, or the strangely spongy ground out back of a sorcerer's tower, or are maybe, like, taking a leak near the sight of a still-glowing meteor strike, and then out of a suddenly-rumbling nowhere comes the devouring maw of the uncanny other, which may bite your head off or simply get shot to pieces by hicks or obfuscated and then denied by obscure statist agencies, but will certainly change your life forever? Isn't that just the worst?

That's why I think this is such a great game piece for the narrative-minded gamer. Also why I bought it. Can't wait to jump it on some beaky marines or some unwary wasteland denizens.

Of course I had incredible ambitions for this figure that led to me setting it aside for nearly a planetary cycle...its one of those models that could be stunning if painted with the proper discipline and patience. But in the end I opted for having the figure finished without spending a week agonizing over the paint job. You know.

Please have your comments erupt unexpectedly from the box below. I promise I'll act surprised.


  1. Is this the metal or plastic version? I've considered a multiplicity of the plastic ones as tentacles of the same subterranean maw.

    1. That sounds like an awesome idea. This is the plastic one, which is a wonderful bargain for such a large and greebly creature.