Friday, June 21, 2013

The Electric Wizard Comes to the Wastes

Check it:



    I love the music (didn't know the band), it feels like dark strong Black Sabbath, it so good and so inspiring, your drawing fits perfectly to the theme. I love it
    (If you could just draw some twisted castle or dungeon tower in the back far away, not much but just one thing to give a bit more mistery to let our imagination wander it would be perfect)

  2. Glad you like it, man. The band is awesome, and the album is one of my favorites. I need to get a hold of more of their music, since I only own the self-titled album. If you like them, keep an eye out because I'm going to try and incorporate into my posts more of the music that inspires me. I don't think I ever realized until recently how important it is to my imagination.

    Also, now that you mention it, you are totally right about the background. I originally left it blank to represent the wastes, and because I thought it was a cool idea to leave a blank space where the viewer would expect an object. I thought the absence of visual tension would itself be interesting...but I think the picture would be kinder to the eye if I just put something there. So maybe I'll go back and touch it up one of these days.

  3. Seriously it's good as it is, it's just me being picky. What I mean is maybe just add some sort of shape in the background, something which brings mistery, a sparkle to light our imagination. It's the thing I like most in John Blanche's drawings for example, the backgrounds always have somthing appealing, a dungeon you want to explore, a cliff you want to climb, a forest you want to visit. I believe adding little mistery details is what give depth to fantasy characters (be it n drawings or sculpts); but that's just my opinion...