Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hard-Core Foam-core: Part Last

Light on the text today. This post is mostly just a picture dump of the painted results of my recent foam-core scenery. I am more than a touch pleased. 

These were primed gray, then hit with an overall black wash, as well as some brown and green in places. I then dry-brushed the stone up to a light gray; based the ground and wood with chocolate brown and mixed in white to dry-brush;  I then added some basing mix, a couple of bits of lichen coated in ground foam, and I was done.

I am quite a fan of the egg-shell ivy, though the color did come out a little garish. I tried, for the first time, using inks on it. The only problem was that the ink was 5+ years old and had formed into a sludgy, pigmented gloop. It took a good many washes of brown to tone that down.

I then went and drybrushed a little too heavily with the white, making for an overall unrealistic paint job. But I'm content with the vibrancy. I think it reads as ivy and draws the eye in a way that the more drab colors on the rest of the piece do not. It almost says: "The ruin is dead, but the land is alive." I might go back and touch it up one day. I might not.

Here's a picture to show how the pieces go together, inspired by those old citadel plastic ruins:

And finally, a pic of the foam core pillars after paint. Not half bad, even though you can still see the join in the foam.

Let me know what you think!

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