Monday, June 17, 2013

A Couple Burly Conversions

As promised, here are the other two converted dwarf warriors. Pretty much the same stuff as before, but this  time I was a little more adventurous.

I wanted a heavily armored dwarf, so I gave this guy some BURLY SHOULDER ARMOR. This armor is important if you spend a lot of time in fantasy battles because if you don't have it, your opponent can cut you. RIGHT IN THE SHOULDER. They are a little lumpy due to my lack of patience in trying to create a hard edge in Apoxie Sculpt/ Green Stuff.

I also wanted him to have a shield, but the ones supplied on the plastic dwarf sprue were definitely not burly enough. (If you couldn't tell already, "burliness" is a real theme in this post.) So I added a little extra around the edges...

...Plus some wood-grain for the back. Nothing fancy.

Now THIS guy took some work. Obviously, the two handed hammer needed something. What was it? Oh yeah. BURLINESS. I mixed up some Apoxie Sculpt and G.S., formed a rough cube, let it cure, and then ran it over fine-grit sand paper to get the sharpish edges.

Unfortunately, the arms provided on the sprue were not burly enough to accommodate a two handed pose with said hammer. (Weird that they would provide a piece that doesn't fit, but whatever...) I had to severely elongate the model's left arm to make this pose work. I lengthened the arm with a bit of paper clip, and then sculpted a simple vambrace over it. Never mind that it doesn't match! I didn't have much patience after all the chopping, as I also had to dislocate the shoulder because the arm was THAT short. This left a gaping hole where the arm socket was.

...which led me to the decision to burly up his cloak a little bit. I decided to do some matted fur so I could practice my texture sculpting. And there it is. I think I did a pretty good job of using the fur cloak to fill the gap in the shoulder, though there is an angle on one side where it looks a little weird. Oh well. I wanted idiosyncrasy.

Seriously, though, I really like it. And I'm excited to have a couple of heavy hitters for my little band of lost dwarves.

And here's dwarf number one again, after an unfortunate paint job and an even less fortunate strip job, in which the winged crests of his helm were lost forever (God! What a fiddly kit!). So I sculpted him up some nice, asymmetric horns. Perhaps not burly, but certainly unique.

Which brings me at last to this distinctly non-dwarven bit of putty magic. This is one of the used figures I picked up for Christmas. He was missing an arm, and I thought it would be no problem to sculpt him another (I was wrong, it was very difficult) but then the horns on the dwarf above gave me the idea for the weird, twisty claw thing. HETERODOXY! He will probably have the "Mutant" special rule from Song of Gold and Darkness. Unless you can provide a better idea, by using the fancy button below.


  1. I agree thoses minis are not teh easiset way to start but you mangaed something very good. You really gave some character in both and even dynamism in the first.
    For the shield, although you're aiming at pure oldschool vobe, I would suggest to use pastic card. you can cut it round easily with a compass cutter or by being careful with a normal one and the wood effect on plastic card is really easy to achive with the point of the blade... (but that's just my opinion.
    Maybe the loss of wngs on the helm is not a bad thing, I would prefer a broken right horn (on th eleft side of the picture) rather than the asymetric one but once again this is just my opinion... (I imagine Dwarves to betoo rigid for an asymetric helmet)
    Anyway, you sure made them look burly.

    1. Yeah. I don't mind the difficulty so much since I was intent on altering the figures significantly anyway, but I pity the poor 13 year-old kid who, completely new to modeling, picks up a box of those dwarves to start out with.

      That's a good idea for the shield, but I do not yet have a compass cutter. I need to get one anyway, though, for making display boards. A nice tool.

      As for the horns, I decided once the wings broke off that this dwarf was going to be more chaotic than his brethren, which gives him a unique personality. I find that creating individuals fits really well with skirmish gaming, where you deal more with the character than the faction. (Especially the kind that I like, where you get to design the character yourself.)

      Cheers man!