Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Dwarf and his - Slightly Larger - Hammer

Here we have another of the converted dwarf warriors, all painted up and ready to splinter iron-banded doors, bust the hinges off be-plated ne'er-do-wells, and test the reflex reactions of giants. 

What must it be like to be a bone-weary adventurer whose only worldly possessions are a super-massive hammer and a cloak made out of shag carpet? Tiring and warm, I'd bet.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how the figure came out. But here, as always, is where the litany of errors begins.

For one thing, the non-metallic metal, while marginally better than on his stout compatriot, is still kind of laughable-- not that I'm discontent, you understand, but one must recognize areas that need improving.

One other such area is in my model preparation. Specifically, I should really take more care and patience in removing mold lines. There are a couple here which do not show that much on the table, but are painfully obvious in the photos.

A further such area is in my hair sculpting. I really like the way the matted fur texturing came out, but the hair really looks flat by comparison.

The NMM on the hammer head is particularly ineffective. The rest just looks more or less gray.
On the plus side, I'm really starting to like the puddles on the bases. They're getting close to what I envision...just need a touch of something to capture that murky-but-reflective brilliance of unhappy pools under a wrathful sky.

Anyhow, go forth little bearded one. Hammer what needs hammering.

If you have any comments, just use your own hammer to bop the little button below. It's like whackamole.


  1. Really good adventurer, this lad makes me want to roam all the dungeons around with other bearded mates.
    I won't comment on th mould lines since I've just realised I've left some on a mini I'm painting for the third time in 20 years...
    Concerning the base, do you consider it done? I would suggest something to make a bit of contrsat since the colours used are very close to the ones used for the dwarf, maybe some birch seeds to add fallen leaves or a spot or two of static grass (not much) just to give the proper contrast. If it's done and to your liking, then don't bother about me being picky ^^.
    Nice work as always Matt

  2. Haha, we'll see about the base. In an ideal world (where I have infinite talent and imagination,) the puddles would make for all the contrast I need, as they do on some of John Blanche's recent creations.

    I've recently gotten frustrated with my grass flocking method, though, as I don't think its consistent with this look. I'll see what I can come up with.