Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life is a Tentacled Beast with Hypnotic Eyes

It crushes and paralyzes you in its soothing grasp and gaze of fond loathing, before holding you under the tide of sweet forgetfulness.

And now I am (as far as you know, anyway) washed up again, many months later, gasping on the shores of the internet. The sun is cold, the day is new...though Life dribbles and chuckles in the shadows of a nearby grotto, teasing with a beckoning tentacle...

A lot has happened in those lost months, and a list is no more boring a way than any other in which to recount them:

  • I converted a Pro Elf team and took them to Chaos Cup 2013. I'll do a slightly more detailed post with pictures of the team and shout-outs to all the wonderful, wonderful people I met and played against.
  • I spent a week keeping m'Lady company in the hospital. (She's alright now.)
  • I moved apartments. Twice.
  • I brewed some beer.
  • I painted some new figures.
  • I revived my Custom Blood Bowl Pitch project. Look for a new post on that soon.
  • I took lots and lots of pictures.
  • I sorted and edited those pictures.
  • I discovered after restarting my computer that I had saved all of those pictures to a temporary location. Of course, I had already re-formatted my SD card. So no pictures for you.
  • I was pulled over by a cop while riding my bicycle.
  • I joined the Chicago Skirmish Wargames Club.
  • I made a random weapons and items table for SoBH, inspired by the work of Tom Fitzgerald (and stealing much of his vocabulary). Watch this space and that of CSW for more on that.
  • I started investigating Old School DnD.
  • I built a table. Not a wargames table. Just a regular one.
  • I decided, inspired by the work of Randroid, that this blog will now branch out to some other aspects of my hobby life. Id est brewing and drinking beer.
  • I learned the actual meanings of i.e and e.g.-- i.e., id est and exempli gratia. Exempli gratia, [restart this sentence].
  • I learned how to use GIMP for more effective and evocative miniature photography.
  • I devised a method for making custom character cards (ala Delaney King's Skulldred Cards) using my newfound proficiency with GIMP. You'll see those soon too.
  • I revamped my technique for making trees, and proceeded to make a bunch of 'em. there'll be a post on that too.

So really, this post is just another weapon in the tentacles of your own hypnotic life-monster. It beckons with the promise of many interesting things in the weeks to come.

It beckons.


  1. Happy new year Matt and looking forward to all the wonders uou tease with!

  2. Seems like a mostly good year. I like the character cards and look forward to reading more from you in the coming year.

  3. Happy New Year, Asslessman, and thank you both for the kind words. Glad to see you guys are still following along. I'll try and keep things a little more consistent around here!