Monday, January 20, 2014

Rider and Head


  1. Very nice choice of colours, it really fits the spirit I was getting from the BnW sketch. The blue/grey contrast of the armour works really nice imo.
    On little thig : I'm definitely no drawer or anything close but I feel some areas like the sky, clothes and red armour could have used some little more contrast with more white areas if you see what I mean. When it comes to watercolour, I tend to favor "white to dark contrasts" like you did on the "Head" and ground which are absolutely wonderful (The banner too is perfect). The sky and rider tend to be a little too saturate for me but once again, this is just personnal taste from a neophyt. hope it helps though.
    Keep the good work coming Matt!

  2. I agree completely...I am actually not that taken with the colors myself. I had originally intended to use a much more limited palate (I was envisionaing a color scheme closer to Ian Miller's Beetle Helm) but, being utterly new to watercolors, I got a little carried away. I'm finding out that with watercolors, a little goes a long way.

    I'm thinking I might get the orginal B/W scan printed up on some decent card stock so I can try again.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting as always. Always more stuff coming up. Also, I don't know if you got a chance to see last Friday's post, but I think it's something you'd like.

  3. It looks like this dude slimed his way right out of an old-school Dark Sun D&D module! Great stuff!

  4. Thanks Patrick! Glad that you took a look!