Friday, January 10, 2014

So I Was Stuck in DC for a Few Extra Days...

...and here is a preview of what I did to while away the time. 

There'll be a full scan with some color in a couple of days. But I thought you might like a peek a Head of time.


  1. Matt, this is absolutely brilliant ! Seriously, it shas this early Blanche charm and very evocative setting.
    The best sign this is great for me is that I immediately want to know more. I'm plugging you on the oldhammer group.

    Very great work here.

  2. Thanks Asslessman! Your words are very encouraging. I'm deliberately trying to refine my depth of contrast and my sense of pattern and texture, very much inspired by early blanche (especially the pieces here: Honestly, my effort pales in comparison, but it's a process...

    Hopefully it comes out even better once I throw on some early-blanche-style watercolor washes.