Monday, January 13, 2014

Maker of Mountains

A long time ago, I tacitly promised myself that I wouldn't be one of those miniatures hobby bloggers that go on and on about their lead pile. I decided that I would collect figures that I thought looked too cool to pass up. I don't own duplicate sculpts (well, except for bloodbowl teams). I don't build armies, I don't buy large boxes, I don't have a mountain of figures waiting to be painted that can weigh me down.

Well, I didn't anyway. You can see above that I've done a little bit of shopping in the last year. Some nice metal from GW/Citadel and from the now-defunct Megaminis alongside some new Reaper plastiresin.

I get that I'm making a lead mountain out of a lead mole hill here, but even this small portion of minis can be intimidating to a sluggard painter like me. It all, as some old wizard said somewhere, depends greatly on our own point of view.

The idea was that if I collect in this way - handpicking models based only on what I like, and not on someone else's system - I would always have something I was excited to finish. I would never get bored. I would never have to bother some poor blog reader with how tough it is to have a hobby.

Of course, it doesn't always work that way. Creativity ebbs and flows. That's why these aren't done yet. That's why the blurry blood bowl team in the background isn't done either. But for the most part, it keeps me interested. And it keeps my warbands from being bull-shitty race-centric pseudo imaginings; every model is a character. And that's cool.

I picked these up at Games Plus out in Mount Prospect, IL, after a CSW meeting. It is hard to walk by that Bones rack without picking something up because they're so effing cheap.

Above are the rest of my Megaminis figs (as well as a GW holdover or two, and a couple figures that I sculpted but haven't gotten around to painting) that I've actually managed to prime and put on the corks.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I should have plenty of material to show you, constant readers. I'll paint these up in ones and twos and post them with pictures, fluff, and shiny new character cards for SoBH. So look for that soon.

In the meantime I expect a mountain of comments, below.

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