Monday, February 10, 2014

Aelfnir the Deranged

Few people are willing to abandon the trammels of ordinary life to risk limb and liver in feats of fantastical adventure.

And of those who are willing, only the most daring seek the Wyrdwold -- for the land is treachery, and the air is corruption.

And of the most daring who do seek the Wyrdwold, few ever come away unchanged. For to travel the wold is not simply to imperil the mind and the body: it is most often to forfeit them.

Brave men return years later, unknowing of their former lives, utterly lost to the world of reason.

An off day today. Had to work much of the weekend, with no break in sight for this week, so I present you with the character card for a figure you've already seen, here.

Hope you like it. Let me know by daringly venturing into the open comments field below. But be warned, the experience might just change you....

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