Monday, February 17, 2014

Skjorn Boarkinder

The villains, the heroes, the traitors, the bold,
The lechers, the liars, the lovers of gold,

All now are lost on the deadly Wyrdwold

The darkling, the terror, the murder, the blight,
the creatures that giggle at coming of night,

All those are come to the deadly Wyrdwold;
We are all doomed on the deadly Wyrdwold.


  1. I lovethis one? I haven't said it before but your NMM is very intersting. There is no high back to white contrast like those you see everywhere and it still offers a great texture and identity.
    Another thing is the moe I see your newly painted models the more I find this restricted palette you've used pays off.

    That, in my book means one thing => great job

    1. Thanks Assless! I've had a lot of fun trying to limit my pallette. It has the dual benefit of giving a leaner, grungier look to the figure, and of making painting quicker! It also means I can use my wet pallette for longer without changing the sheet, since I have fewer colors on it.

      As for the NMM, all I did here was to glaze on a rusty orange-brown over my usual greyscale undercoat. I was worried at first, but then really surprised to see the rough-textured, corroded effect it produced.

  2. I can't decide if I want to read a full primer on the Wyrdwold, or if I would be better off enjoying the little drips and drabs that slip out with every new post! I am definitely hooked on this world and would love to game it sometime soon!

    1. Well I'm glad you're enjoying the drips and drabs so far, because a comprehensive primer on the wyrdwold doesn't exist yet! I'm definitely down to game it though. I'm trying to work up a narrative campaign for SoBH set there, though I haven't gotten much done on it. I'll have to redirect my efforts!

  3. Really nice looking fellow, nice paint job