Friday, February 14, 2014

Laird Bilebroke

Tireless over the Wold he will trudge,
Knee-deep in fest'ring, malodorous sludge;
Outwardly issues a dirge from his head
While inward he darkly delights in his grudge.

Thence to the Wyrdwold comes Bilebroke the Dread

Lord in Exile, breaker of heads;
Leader of Hunchymen, eater of lead;
Foe of the Magnifex, fled from her wrath;
Thinks only of murder to rule in her stead.

Thence to the Wyrdwold came Bilebroke the Dread.


  1. Looking great Matt ! Who is the Gorgeous pig-faced lad I'm seieng on the right of the picture?

    Just a technical quetsion, do you varnish your models or does the slight gloss come sfrom your washes?

  2. Pig-faced guy? His name is Skjorn. I'll be showing his character card very soon...

    The gloss definitely comes from the varnish. I use a very heavy gloss varnish, since I have to carry these models around to my gaming club meetings, and I don't want to have to worry about them.

    I used to spray matte varnish over the gloss, but I found that that made the models vulnerable to friction again (they started chipping from rubbing against the foam). So for now, gloss it is.

    1. Since I haven't played for long I tend to prefer matt finish but the thought of ruining a paintjob is enough to make me understand your position here ;)