Monday, February 24, 2014

The Lord of the Lichens

                                                              Deep within the mossy cold, 
                                                              In winding halls of Helmrood-Hold
                                                              Dwell silent cells and mossy hells 
                                                              in which a young man once grew old...

                                                              When fell the hall of Shiv'ring Kings
                                                              The old man flew on broken wings.
                                                              He stole a hoard, daubed himself Lord...

                                                              ...of Lichens and of Spongy Things.

This figure is almost certainly my favorite sculpt, as well as my favorite paint job so far, of all the figures I got from MegaMinis before they shut down. 

The fluff poem, incidentally, is also one of my favorites so far, as it sticks a timid toe beyond the Wyrdwold into the waiting maw of Helmrood, the Secret Fastness, the Hidden City Lost to murk.

If you have any thoughts on all this, why not clear away the moss and spongiform vegetation below. You may find a hidden city. You may find a comments box. You will definitely find one of those things.  

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