Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to Oldhammer Challenge

Just a brief update here. I've been inspired by a challenge recently made by Whiskey Priest to the Oldhammer community. It's a cool project. The idea is to put together a warband of no more than 21 figures, using models that are either purchased super cheap, or from a current manufacturer. This in order to show that Old Hammerers are not snobs, and that their hobby is not exclusive, nor centered around the ultra rare.

Now I don't know if I count as an Old Hammerer for the simple reason that I haven't played a single old school game of warhammer, but I love old school games, and I love the spirit of the Old Hammer movement. Maybe I could be an Old Gamerer. An Olderer?

Anyway, it's a cool project. Asslessman is, of course, already in on it, and there's a whole thread you can follow on the Old Hammer forum. There's already a lot of people doing cool work, including Chris Ray-gun whose awesome blog, Lead Asbestos, I have just discovered through this challenge.

As for me? Well, my Megaminis don't qualify because they are no longer available, but I just so happen to have a large order of EM-4 figures winging their way to me from Forlorn Hope Games (who are very much still operating, and whose prices are quite reasonable). So look for that....

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